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Then we got cast as the Weasley twins and had to dye our hair red for the next ten years.All the years of joking at Andrew’s expense just came back and slapped me in the face.’As Fred and George Weasley respectively, James and Oliver had to dye their brown hair ginger every few weeks.along with his brother, attended Little Sutton Primary School and later joined Arthur Terry Secondary School.During the making of the film ' Harry Potter', Oliver and James were tutored on the set along with other students.Oliver and James were just 14 years old when they auditioned for the roles of the Weasley twins, ostensibly, says Oliver, ‘to get a day off school’.A couple of months prior to the auditions, their drama teacher had advised them not to bother with acting, ‘because you won’t do anything … As Hogwarts’ resident pranksters, Fred and George Weasley dressed the same, acted the same and even finished each other’s sentences.At the age of 14, the twin with no prior experience in acting bunked school exams and went to audition for an open cast.

Playing football in the Great Hall, which I’m sure Warner Bros. Playing cricket on Privet Drive and things like that.” Happy 20th Anniversary, Harry Potter!

Later, they landed a recurring cast in all the series.

Oliver Phelps and James made an appearance as brothers in the third season’s episode of TV series ' Kingdom' in 2009.

Outside of acting, James has worked as a runner on the set of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince although he has afterwards jokingly admitted that he prefers the actor's job because he doesn't have to get up so early, and other film productions, such as The Da Vinci Code.

In 2009, the twins appeared as brothers in the 5th episode of the 3rd season of the TV series Kingdom.

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