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The significant findings were presented at a press conference August 27 in Yekaterinburg, Russia.The idol was previously held to be 9,500 years old.This makes the site one of the largest survivals of the Viking Age in Europe: only Hedeby covered a larger territory (24 hectares), with the sites of Birka (13 hectares), Dublin (12 hectares), Ribe (10 hectares), and Gdańsk (1 hectare) trailing behind. Of these, about 1,300 mounds have been explored by Russian and Soviet archaeologists, starting in 1874.There is some disagreement among scholars as to which ethnic element predominated at Gnyozdovo.Each year makes these coins more rare and appreciated.Russian airmen have inscribed 'That's for Paris' on the side of one of the bombs they plan to use against Isis in Syria.They were involved in the secret diplomacy such as the procurement of weapons during the World War I, they've been captured by the interned Czechs and later on the legendary 'white Russian' general Kolchak deposited one third of the gold reserves of the Russian Empire in the banks of Japan, US and Canada.

The body of the prehistoric sculpture is flat and rectangular, and horizontal lines cross at approximate chest level, appearing to represent ribs.Below him a group of people stand by a church bell tower, shooting off cannons and making noise with horn and rifle, etc.It was believed that the Sirin could not endure such noise, and so could be frightened away by it.She and her husband angered Zeus, the chief of the Gods, and Zeus killed her husband.In grief Alcyone cast herself into the sea, and was transformed by the Gods into a kingfisher ( Alkonost was said to be found in Paradise and on the Euphrates River (listed as one of the rivers of Paradise, according to Genesis ) It is said that in midwinter, Alkonost places her eggs under the sea, where they lie for seven days, then float to the surface. Like that of Sirin, the song of Alkonost causes humans to completely forget everything.

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