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Two locals have gone missing from Toronto’s Gay Village, raising the specter of other gay men who have disappeared in the last seven years.Police in Toronto have launched a task force to look into the disappearances of Andrew Kinsman and Selim Esen, two gay men in their 40s who disappeared in separate incidents over the past four months.“Racism still thrives in the gay community, just as in broader society,” said Chu.“Many of us who are Asian American come out of the closet and walk into this weird bamboo cage, where we’re either fetishized or ignored. ) as proof you’ve faced sexual rejection based solely on your race. I, like many others, have internalized an ideal: tall, gym-perfected, blah blah blah—and, above all, white.”Booster was also struck by your stats.The link between the two, besides their age and sexual orientation, is that both frequently used hookup apps like Grindr and Scruff.Locally, there’s been discussion of 11 men total having gone missing, as well as the possibility of a serial killer targeting homosexuals.Not that it matters much, you're not there to talk to each other.Okay, so this based off of personal experience, and I can't really say much as a white dude, but for real, the gay scene in Montreal definitely lacks some cultural diversity.

He works as a staff member for the Toronto HIV/AIDS Network. ‘I fear as it happened over Pride it might be foul play or a hook up gone bad.’ Another man Selim Esen has been missing since April.

We've all been there, or at least know how it goes when you grab a rando from da club.

If neither of you happen to speak the same language, you're in for a pretty awkward walk or cab ride home.

All the anglos reading know the struggle is real, especially since you're basically cutting your available options to less than half.

Let's be honest here fellas, sometimes you don't really need to talk to someone to get them down to go down on you.

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