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: While this color is the most common, that doesn’t make it predictable.Brown-eyed people are more likely to put the needs of others above their own, and when it comes to love and passion they are intense and loyal.: Light-eyed people are said to be peacemakers, and they get their greatest joy in making other’s happy. They thrive on being in a committed relationship and expect that intensity early on in the dating game.It felt like the world was stacked against me and I felt like I was somehow disadvantaged.Overtime I came to understand that physical attraction and people's preferences doesn't really say anything about your own personality. Just as I can't control my race, it's hard for those to control who they're attracted to.Aside from the ubiquity of "Brown Eyed Girl" on random playlists everywhere, I feel like you blue-eyed folks always get all the attention while us brownies are blandly forgotten. Well, at least it's giving brown-eyed their day in the sun.

That's why if you want to make the right choice of the Russian girl of your life, look attentively into her eyes.

We know for example that women around the world are attracted to symmetrical male bodies and faces, to the physical manifestations of testosterone (a strong chin, broad shoulders, deep voice), and to a man’s social status, intelligence, and sense of humor.

We know that men all over the world are attracted to signals of youth in a female (smooth skin, lush hair, generous lips), to the 'hourglass' figure (a waist to hips ratio of 0.7) and so on.

As you probably guessed, however, they can be jealous!

: Just like their eye color changes, hazel-eyed people are mysterious and alluring.

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