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Although he later admitted that he looked like he was on crack, Paul bounced through contestant's row at the time, playing the dice game and making it to the final showcase showdown, where he and his other competitor both overbid.The hilarious Steve Martin is not just a skilled actor, but a talented musician as well. ) competed on Nickelodeon's action-packed game show "Guts." Though starting off strong, he was bested by the purple player Jaime and finished in second overall.But when it comes to game shows that had all the right moves, here are the best 25, ranked:.The deal on NBC's "Card Sharks," hosted by Jim Perry, above, from 1978 to 1981, was twofold: Contestants had to predict what percentage of Americans provided a specific answer to a survey question to earn playing cards to beat their opponents in a variation of Blackjack.

He gained quite a reputation on the horn, performing during his post-graduate Army stint and again with the USC Trojan Marching Band in college.

, there were just as many fleeting, fascinating and now forgotten series.

This was, after all, the golden age of the game show, when prize contests regularly made it into primetime.

He also worked as a songwriter and movie extra, learning all aspects of the entertainment business.

By the early '60s he'd built his own home studio.

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The contestants "shopped" for prize after prize — items such as air-conditioners and cameras — adding them to their stash, trying to come closest to a set total ($950) without going over.

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